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Silver 925 Holy Table Vigil Oil Candle Red


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The Holy Altar has multiple symbolic meanings. First, it represents the Throne of God because through the sacraments celebrated upon this altar God’s saving and sanctifying grace is bestowed upon all people. It is also Golgotha, the place where Jesus was crucified, because it is upon this altar that we re-enact the Passion of our Lord and Saviour, and finally the Tomb of Christ because it is through Christ’s death that eternal life was granted to all people. This final representation is highlighted in the resurrection Matins service celebrated every Sunday because it is from the right or southern side of the altar table that the morning Gospel is proclaimed, symbolising the angel announcing the risen Christ to the Myrrhbearers.

Traditionally the altar table is supported by either one or four columns.
The single column represents Jesus Christ while the four columns represent the four Evangelists.

Silver 925.
Height 30cm
Base diameter 16cm

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