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Вариант Значение Цена Вес
размер No.4550-50 Size : 10x16cm $7.22 0.10 kg(s)
размер No.4550-40 Size : 14x20cm $12.68 0.30 kg(s)
размер No.4550-30 Size : 19x25cm $17.09 0.60 kg(s)
размер No.4550-20 Size : 24x30cm $22.24 0.80 kg(s)
размер No.4550-10 Size : 27x38cm $32.63 1.60 kg(s)
размер No.4540-50 Size : 10x14cm with frame $7.85 0.15 kg(s)
размер No.4540-40 Size : 14x18cm with frame $14.78 0.35 kg(s)
размер No.4540-30 Size : 18x24cm with frame $20.56 0.65 kg(s)
размер No.4540-20 Size : 22x30cm with frame $26.86 0.85 kg(s)
размер No.4540-00 Size : 35x45cm with frame $47.65 2.60 kg(s)
размер No.4550-60 Size : 6x9 cm $5.75 0.00 kg(s)

Краткое описание

Saint Olga, renowned for her wisdom and sobriety, in her youth became the wife of Igor, Great Prince of Kiev, who ruled during the tenth century. After her husbands death, she herself ruled capably, and was finally moved to accept the Faith of Christ. She traveled to Constantinople to receive Holy Baptism. The Emperor, seeing her outward beauty and inward greatness, asked her to marry him. She said she could not do this before she was baptized; she furthermore asked him to be her Godfather at the font, which he agreed to do. After she was baptized (receiving the name of Helen), the Emperor repeated his proposal of marriage. She answered that now he was her father, through holy Baptism, and that not even among the heathen was it heard of a man marrying his daughter. Gracefully accepting to be outwitted by her, he sent her back to her land with priests and sacred texts and holy icons. Although her son Svyatoslav remained a pagan, she planted the seed of faith in her grandson Vladimir. She reposed in peace in 969.

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No.4550-50 Size : 10x16cm, No.4540-00 Size : 35x45cm with frame, No.4540-20 Size : 22x30cm with frame, No.4540-30 Size : 18x24cm with frame, No.4540-40 Size : 14x18cm with frame, No.4540-50 Size : 10x14cm with frame, No.4550-10 Size : 27x38cm, No.4550-20 Size : 24x30cm, No.4550-30 Size : 19x25cm, No.4550-40 Size : 14x20cm, No.4550-60 Size : 6x9 cm

Мы предоставляем несколько способов доставки:

  • Доставка по Украине Наложенным платежом (Новая Почта): 2-3 дня при условии наличия товара на складе. (услуги оплачивает покупатель)
  • Доставка курьером по Киеву: 50 грн.
  • Самовывоз из офиса в Киеве.

Также имеются такие способы оплаты:

  • наличными при получении
  • оплата на крату приват
  • автоматическая оплата на карту visa/mastercard
  • наложенный платеж