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Irene Chrysovalantou

Вариант Значение Цена Вес
размер No.4550-50 Size : 10x16cm $7.22 0.10 kg(s)
размер No.4550-40 Size : 14x20cm $12.68 0.30 kg(s)
размер No.4550-30 Size : 19x25cm $17.09 0.60 kg(s)
размер No.4550-20 Size : 24x30cm $22.24 0.80 kg(s)
размер No.4550-10 Size : 27x38cm $32.63 1.60 kg(s)
размер No.4540-50 Size : 10x14cm with frame $7.85 0.15 kg(s)
размер No.4540-40 Size : 14x18cm with frame $14.78 0.35 kg(s)
размер No.4540-30 Size : 18x24cm with frame $20.56 0.65 kg(s)
размер No.4540-20 Size : 22x30cm with frame $26.86 0.85 kg(s)
размер No.4540-00 Size : 35x45cm with frame $47.65 2.60 kg(s)
размер No.4550-60 Size : 6x9 cm $5.75 0.00 kg(s)

Краткое описание

Saint Irene, who was from Cappadocia, flourished in the ninth century. Because of her great beauty and virtue, she was brought to Constantinople as a prospective bride for the young Emperor Michael (842-867); however, as Saint Joannicius the Great foretold, it was Gods will that she assume the monastic habit instead. She shone forth in great ascetical labours, and suffered many attacks from the demons; while yet a novice, she attained to the practice of Saint Arsenius the Great, of praying the whole night long with arms stretched out towards Heaven (see May 8). God showed forth great signs and wonders in her, and she became the Abbess of the Convent of Chrysovalantou. She was granted the gift of clairvoyance and knew the thoughts of all that came to her. She appeared in a vision to the king and rebuked him for unjustly imprisoning a nobleman who had been falsely accused. Through a sailor from Patmos to whom he had appeared, Saint John the Evangelist sent her fragrant and wondrous apples from Paradise. She reposed at the age of 103, still retaining the youthful beauty of her countenance. After her repose, marvelous healings beyond number have been wrought by her to the present day.

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No.4550-50 Size : 10x16cm, No.4540-00 Size : 35x45cm with frame, No.4540-20 Size : 22x30cm with frame, No.4540-30 Size : 18x24cm with frame, No.4540-40 Size : 14x18cm with frame, No.4540-50 Size : 10x14cm with frame, No.4550-10 Size : 27x38cm, No.4550-20 Size : 24x30cm, No.4550-30 Size : 19x25cm, No.4550-40 Size : 14x20cm, No.4550-60 Size : 6x9 cm

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