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Вариант Значение Цена Вес
размер No.4550-50 Size : 10x16cm $7.22 0.10 kg(s)
размер No.4550-40 Size : 14x20cm $12.68 0.30 kg(s)
размер No.4550-30 Size : 19x25cm $17.09 0.60 kg(s)
размер No.4550-20 Size : 24x30cm $22.24 0.80 kg(s)
размер No.4550-10 Size : 27x38cm $32.63 1.60 kg(s)
размер No.4540-50 Size : 10x14cm with frame $7.85 0.15 kg(s)
размер No.4540-40 Size : 14x18cm with frame $14.78 0.35 kg(s)
размер No.4540-30 Size : 18x24cm with frame $20.56 0.65 kg(s)
размер No.4540-20 Size : 22x30cm with frame $26.86 0.85 kg(s)
размер No.4540-00 Size : 35x45cm with frame $47.65 2.60 kg(s)
размер No.4550-60 Size : 6x9 cm $5.75 0.00 kg(s)

Краткое описание

Commemorates on : December 17
The holy hierarch, Saint Dionysius, who was born and reared on Zakynthos, was the son of pious and wealthy parents, Mocius and Paulina by name. In his youth he entered the ancient monastery of the Strophada Islands, which lie south of Zakynthos, and there he donned the monastic habit. Later, he was appointed Archbishop of Aegina, and adorned its throne for a considerable time. Thereafter he returned to his homeland. One incident in his life especially reveals to what virtue he attained. A man came to him in desperation, witnessing that he had committed a murder, and was being pursued by the slain mans family. He asked Saint Dionysins to give him refuge. The Saint agreed to this, upon learning that it was his own brother whom the man had slain, he said nothing, but concealing the agony of his grief, hid him. When the Saints kinsmen arrived at the monastery, he told them that the Murderer had gone by such and such a way. When they had departed, he admonished the man concerning the gravity of his sin, instructed him in repentance, and sent him off in peace having forgiven him his brothers murder. According to local tradition, this man later returned and became a monk at this same monastery. Saint Dionysius reposed in peace in 1621, leaving behind his sacred and incorrupt relics as a treasure for his fellow citizens.

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No.4550-50 Size : 10x16cm, No.4540-00 Size : 35x45cm with frame, No.4540-20 Size : 22x30cm with frame, No.4540-30 Size : 18x24cm with frame, No.4540-40 Size : 14x18cm with frame, No.4540-50 Size : 10x14cm with frame, No.4550-10 Size : 27x38cm, No.4550-20 Size : 24x30cm, No.4550-30 Size : 19x25cm, No.4550-40 Size : 14x20cm, No.4550-60 Size : 6x9 cm

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