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Polytechnische orthodoxe klösterliche Form

Polistavri Orthodox Monastic Schema
Perimeter 170cm
Diametere 55cm

Polistavri (captured). The polystyrene is worn crosswise on our shoulders. This means we carry the symbol of the cross on our shoulders, as it says, "Thou shalt make thy cross, and follow me" (Matthew 16:24). And what else does the cross mean rather than perfect necromation, which is accomplished within us by our faith in Christ? Because faith, as he says again in Gerontiko, limits all the obstacles and liberates us the way for the exercise that leads us to this absolute necrosis. That is, to cut yourself off from all secular things and assumptions. And if he left parents, to fight and against the desire for them. The same if he left money or land. And for every thing that has been denied, one must also deny his desire, just as we have already said. And that is the perfect escape.