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Katsion Athinaikon Style B Church Censer Gold Plated with Enamel

Hand Made Athinaikon Style B Small Kastion type incense censer from Panagiotis Nioras workshop.
Size: 8x13cm

"Hand Censer" (Greek: katzion) is used on certain occasions. It has no chains and consists of a bowl attached to a handle, often with bells attached.
In Greek practice, particularly as observed on Mount Athos, during the portion of Vespers known as "Lord, I cry unto Thee" the ecclesiarch (sacristan) and his assstant will perform a full censing of the temple and people using hand censers.
Some churches have the practice of using the Katzion or Katsion censer during Holy Week.The hand censer as a sign of humility, repentance and mourning over the Passion of Christ. They return to using the chain censer just before the Gospel reading at the Divine Liturgy on Great Saturday.
Some Orthodox Christians use a standing censer on their icon corner.

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გამოიყენე ფრაზები მოვძებნოთ პროდუქტის თქვენ ეძებთ. 
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