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Vertretung in Deutschland :

Sascha Keßler
Paderborner Tor 89
34414 Warburg - Deutschland 
Tel.+49 5641 746293 

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Büro in Griechenland :

Evripidou 90
10553 - Athen - Griechenland
Tel.+30 210 3230345
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Ladengeschäfte :
Athinas 41, 10554, Athen
Evangelistrias 76, 84200, Tinos

Panagiotis Nioras Evripidou 90 Str - 1st floor 105 53 Athens - GREECE

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Scent of Byzantium team

I would like to thank you for the excellent collection of the Mount Athos incense you are distributing, and recently ordered from your your store.

Thanks again, Thanks again, Paul L