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About Us

 We are in possition to offer to the Greek Orthodox Christians around the globe the opportunity to purchase quality hand made products from one of the oldest traditional manufacturing houses in the world, Nioras, operating from Athens GREECE.

We have collected all those products under one roof that is our web store www.Scent-Of-Byzantium

Having that tradition in our hands we are able to merge the old Byzantine techniques and styles in producing Orthodox Christian Articles for the new world demands and requirments.

We serve, with the power of God, the Greek Orhtodox Christians for more than three genarations, with unique hand made quality articles.

Our aim is to continue this tradition for the years to come and to serve the Christian in the four continents with the opportunity we obtain through our on line store, and the two shops we hold in Greece.

We are going to be realy glad to hear your comments and questions you might have for our Ecclesiastical Products, the techniques we are using or even comments about our web site in general. Please send us your mail to and we will get back to you with the best and more detailed posible reply. For german speaking customers you also can contact our representative in Germany

Yours sincerely

Panagiotis Nioras & Sascha Kessler

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Scent of Byzantium team

I would like to thank you for the excellent collection of the Mount Athos incense you are distributing, and recently ordered from your your store.

Thanks again, Thanks again, Paul L